Fukiurushi ・ 拭き漆

Should the wood grain be visible and sensible too, the object will be only polished with Fukiurushi.

Also Fukiurushi  is the technique to finish all works.

The wood is strongly rubbed with lacquer and wiped clean with tissues. There ought to be no rest of lacquer left in the tissue. Then it needs to dry again.

This technique is to be repeated about 10 times, depending on how glazing the object should become.


The wood is polished with a polishing paste, made of polish powder Dôzuriko  and rape oil. Afterwards the paste is washed away with warm water and soap, because grease is lacquer repellent.

Roiro-Migaki ・ 呂色磨き

The object is polished once more with a finer polishpaste  Roiromigakiko,  made with rape oil, then washed clean with warm water and soap.

In a final step Fukiurushi  is repeated once more.