This kind of working with fabric is called Kanshitsu.

Nunokise ・ 布着せ

When the surface should be covered in linen, the technique is called Kanshitsu. Linen ist used to stabilise the wood and can be used as the ground structure itself. It has to be layed in many layers over a modelform first.

The linen will be applied to wood or the model with Nori-Urushi ( rice paste and raw lacquer). Drying takes a little longer, since the linen has soaked the Nori-Urushi and has a certain thickness. Afterwards the pores of the linen will be closed with Sabi-Urushi (powdered clay and raw lacquer).

Sabi-Urushi ・ 錆漆

When it is used on wood, it is possible to apply many layers of Sabi-Urushi to smoothen the surface or washi-paper will be appied in the same way as the linen. After washi-paper still there need to be applied several layers of Sabi-Urushi, otherwise the lacquer will sink in with time and the linen structure will become visible after years.

One can use the effect though and show the linen structure by pupose as well.

Mesuri ・ 目すり

Raw lacquer will be applied and the remains, that do not soak in, will be wiped with a tissue.