• Exhibitions 2024:

    Exhibitions in this year 2024:

  • 01./02.June 2024 Nippon Connection

    01./02.June 2024: Nippon Connection (Naxos Hall, Frankfurt), 24th Japanese Film Festival (28.05.-02.06.2024

  • Japanday Frankfurt (October 2024)

    no fixed date yet: Japanday of the German- Japanese association Frankfurt, Saalbau Bornheim

  • 19./20. October 2024 "vom Feinsten!" Mainz

    19./20. October 2024: “vom Feinsten!”

    artisan market of the Bundesverband Kunsthandwerk Rheinland Pfalz in the state museum of Mainz

  • planned März 2025: 2-month group exhibition Siebold Museum Würzburg

    planing March 2025: 2-month Exhibition (Sumi-E and Urushi) at Siebold Museum Würzburg

Working with Urushi 漆, the natural Japanese lacquer from the asian lacquere tree

The German-Japanese Artist Stefanie Hutter started to deal with forms, surfaces and materials as a qualified wood carver. Over time the natural Japanese lacquere called Urushi, became the material of her choice. Using the very traditional Japanese techniques, the paintings and objects have a modern Western design. The combination of traditional craft but nowadays completely artistic modern orientation as well as the Asian-Western design result in unique and exceptional works. Art through artistic handicraft is the motto here. Being affected by Japanese-German aesthetics, the intention is to create and experiment neither Western nor Japanese art, but to find a new way in between.