Kiji-chôsei ・ 木地調整

When using wood, it has to be sanded roughly first.

Kiji-gatame ・ 木地固め

After rough sanding, the wood is soaked in unrefined lacquer until it is saturated. The rest is wiped away with a cloth. The wood should dry for about 2 days now. A roomtemperature of 20°C (68° Fahrenheit) and humidity of 80% are ideal conditions.

Karatogi ・ 空研ぎ

It has to be sanded again after drying.

Medome ・ 目止め(下地)

Afterwards the pores are closed by Hachisabi-Urushi  (ハチ錆漆), a mixture of unrefined lacquer, powdered clay and ricepaste. It is applied, rubbed into the wood, wiped and cleaned with a cloth and dried.

Medome no Karatogi・ 目止めの固め

Unrefined lacquer is applied now to harden the wood. Excess lacquer is softly dapped away with a cloth. After drying it is slightly sanded.