Makiji ・ 蒔き地

When the surface is to be completely smooth and coloured, the wood is lacquered with unrefined lacquer and the black lacquer Roiro  and dusted with diatomite (plankton sediment) after the Karatogi.  Then dried and softly sanded again. This procedure is to be repeated about three times.

Makiji no Katame ・ 蒔き地の固め

Unrefined lacquer mixed with Roiro  will be applied now, carefully dabbed with a tissue and dried.

Shitaji no togi ・ 下地の研ぎ

Thereupon the wood is to be sanded.

Kiriko-Urushi ・ 切り粉漆

Kiriko-Urushi,  a mix of Sanbenjiurushi  (三辺地漆) is applied: Unrefined lacquer, ricepaste, 3rd grade diatomite and Sabi-Urushi  (錆漆): Powdered clay, water and unrefined lacquer. After drying it has to be sanded.

Kiriko no Katame ・ 切り粉の固め

Kiriko- Urushi will be hardened by lacquering with unrefined lacquer, drying and sanding.

Sabi-Urushi ・ 錆漆

Sabi-Urushi  is applied now. The grain is finer than the Kiriko-Urushi and makes the surface extremely smooth after drying and wet-sanding. By now the surface feels almost like metal.